Civil Litigation


One of the key components of a general practice law firm’s capability is the strength of its litigation services. Attorney Ernest Radillo has built and maintained his reputation through his ability to carry his client’s cases to the courtroom when necessary. Mr. Radillo has experience in major and minor litigation. Mr. Radillo practice focuses on personal injury and wrongful death matters.

While Mr. Radillo’s litigation successes can easily be measured by his successes in the courtroom, he believes they can be better determined by his abilities prior to the time of trial, where careful, thoughtful preparation often leads to a favorable disposition.

Mr. Radillo also utilizes arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution where possible, looking to resolve conflicts more quickly and with less cost to the involved parties. Additional benefits of utilizing alternative dispute resolution include procedural flexibility, a streamlined discovery process, and confidentiality of the proceedings and results.

Regardless of the avenue taken, Mr. Radillo possesses the knowledge and skill to settle disputes expeditiously and to the client’s best advantage.

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